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Theta events-what it’s like

The first thing that comes to ur mind when someone says are you playing any milsim event's, you automatically go to milsim west or American milsim. With there being a variety of milsim event company's I want to bring attention to a little lesser known one which is Theta Event's LLC.

Based out of Tazewell Va. you find Drennon the owner of Theta working feverishly between family time and putting together extremely thought out milsim events for the airsoft community. The time and planning he puts into the events shows without question that he is dedicated to bringing more than just your average 2-3 day event.(enjoy the photos)

Let's start out with just a few of his events that he puts in through the year starting with Tazewell-battle of the clinch(river) set in modern times with the locals fighting the national gaurd and spec-ops for resources. This multi AO gives you the opportunity to experience fighting on the water fronts as there is a lake with limited uses for boats, yes fighting from boats, to hillsides at the park/playground area making it ideal to attack from different angles,to a industrial park with plenty of ambush areas to command and control areas. (Snipers have a field day in this area)

As you continue your fight throughout th AO you find yourself in the middle of a firefight at night within the fairgrounds where nvgs and tracer units are allowed,finally the last day you have a free for all for the AO then it's off to the giveaways area where you can purchase tickets to win a multitude of prizes from guns,to anti fog units.

Now the next event is:

This event is my favorite due to it being kinda post apocalyptic scenario. At the start of the game ur givin a certain amount of in game currency that can be looted or used to payoff warlords and or hire mercenaries, I personally like running as a gun for hire as I mostly run as a sniper but that's just my preference so if your playing and you need a hired gun I'm not cheap but I'm affective. I digress back to the discription you set up settlements you can either help or attack others, there's also a casino you can play at if you so wish. At the end of this post apocalyptic nightmare the giveaway contest are the same.

During my time playing in these events as an on field admin meaning we are embedded in with other players making sure the rules are followed like ammo counts because your only allowed a certain amount pending on the class your running.

Smg-600 rounds

Sniper-100 rounds

Lmg-1500 rounds

Below you will find maps for the AO's that have been discussed in case you find yourself wanting to try something a little different.

Battle of the clinch

If your looking for something different than your average milsim event then look no further than theta events it's an experience you won't forget.

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