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Keeping You Supplied

In the midst of ongoing supply chain disruptions BlueMag Airsoft still wants to ensure that we continue to deliver the very best product directly to you. That is why we have decided to take pre-orders for our next incoming shipment. This shipment is due in Summer 2022, and we want to extend a special offer to our loyal customers. We are reserving a selection of our next shipment and making it available to our existing customers. As soon as we receive this product, we will be sending it to you.

How It Works

We have set up a special page just for you, our loyal customers that will allow you to reserve a spot at the front of the line for our next incoming shipment of product.  This even includes new additions to our product line 0.36g and 0.40g!  As soon as this product arrives, we will ship it right to you.  As always, all CONUS orders come with FREE SHIPPING, and our quality guarantee.

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