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Welcome to the 
Research & Developement Center

Welcome to our Research & Development page where we share updates on our future projects and their growth. Stay tuned for exciting news and developments as we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible.

The Long Road Ahead

Beginnings are always rough, we started small and moved our way up.


Several Options

We have explored various projects and industries, ranging from BBs to magazines to rifle grenades. However, we have identified a gap in the market for high-quality products that are not currently met.


Bringing the Idea to Life

The birth of BlueMag Odin AK Adapter was driven by the desire for a, durable, and unbreakable product. While there are numerous 3D printed models available, we opted for injection molding ensure superior quality.



Phase I involved a lot of learning. We wanted to create superior products but had to learn the business.


Our First Product

Although the Odin Speedloader by Odin Innovations is an excellent product, it is not suitable for users who utilize a rifle other than the M4.


Injection Molding

The process of Injection Molding is both costly and time-consuming, leaving the R&D team of how to proceed. The molds required for this process can be quite expensive, with prices reaching up to $45,000. Despite these challenges, we were determined to prioritize quality and refused to compromise.


Small Steps

Following two years of continuous designing, testing, and working late nights, the R&D team prepared to take significant strides. We constructed our own machines, created our own molds, and funded our own shop, ultimately becoming our own manufacturer.


The First Launch

As we enter our third year of operation, we are excited introduce our first injection molded product, proudly made in America. After dedicating countless hours to its development, we are confident that we are offering a superior product to the market.

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