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Pierce the Market with BlueMag Spear

Qualifying members of the Airsoft community are eligible to have their product listed on BlueMag Airsoft's Vendor page. With exposure to more than 60+ vendors across the country, your product will be in the hands of hundreds of customers within weeks of creating an account.

Spear participants must go through a verification process, after which, your product will be listed on our vendor page. You will receive emails about when your product sells and be paid out Bi-weekly for your sales.

What do we ask in return?
BlueMag does not charge a fee per transaction, we simply charg
e a $25 a month fee for having your product listed on our website.

How do I cancel? 

BlueMag will take pictures and create a page for your product. This is a lot of work! In your contract you will be asked to stay with Spear for 2 months. After two months of listing your product on our page, you can cancel at any time.

Will BlueMag promote my product?
BlueMag will promote your product to vendors across the country via email and social media.
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