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Roanoke Airsoft

Roanoke Airsoft is a popular airsoft facility located in Roanoke, Virginia, that offers a variety of services and products related to airsoft. Here are some things that Roanoke Airsoft has to offer:

  1. Airsoft field: Roanoke Airsoft has a large outdoor airsoft field that is designed to provide players with a realistic gaming experience. The field features various obstacles, buildings, and other structures that players can use as cover during gameplay.

  2. Rentals: Roanoke Airsoft provides rental packages for players who do not have their own airsoft equipment. Rental packages typically include an airsoft gun, a mask, and other necessary equipment.

  3. Pro Shop: Roanoke Airsoft has a pro shop that sells a wide range of airsoft products, including guns, ammunition, protective gear, and accessories.

  4. Events: Roanoke Airsoft hosts a variety of airsoft events throughout the year, including tournaments, leagues, and themed events.

  5. Training: Roanoke Airsoft offers training classes for players who want to improve their skills and learn new strategies for playing airsoft.

Overall, Roanoke Airsoft is a comprehensive airsoft facility that provides everything players need for an enjoyable and challenging airsoft experience.


  • Roanoke Airsoft

  • RATAC Field

4715 Rucker Rd.

Moneta, VA. 24121

Roanoke airsoft holds many unique events ranging from open world, and milsim events, such as blind tiger which is set in the roaring 20's where you play as the atf,bootleggers,or the mob bosses. They also offer post apocalyptic events such as settlement hosted by theta events.

While at Roanoke Airsoft battlefield there is usually a local vendor that sets up to offer a plethora of different foods and drinks, in addition to this they also offer restroom facilities for you to use. But it doesn't stop there they also have a small portion of items from the pro shop as well.

You will find that the staff and owner are top notch with answering questions to access of the field and chrono area.

The one thing that is phenomenal there is the fairness in which they do the games when there's a lot of veteran players, they always split the veterans up and there's a good percentage so the games are always fair and fun for everyone. They follow the safety rules strict and they will not under any circumstances deviate or tolerate any breaking of the rules especially when it comes to arguing and fighting. Unfortunately your going to find that just bout anywhere you go, but hear it's handled swiftly.

So at the end of the day I would highly recommend Roanoke Airsoft to even the novice player to the hardened veteran.

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