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Season V

BMA Premium Bio 6mm Blackout Tracers

BlueMag Exclusive
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UPC: 850044439263

Tracer Unit Required to work properly

BlueMag has done the impossible. After years of research and design, the engineers at BlueMag created the first Blackout Tracer. Capable of only being seen under night vision, these tracers turn the night fighter into a deadly hunter. Tracer units are required.

BlueMag Airsoft stands as the pioneer and exclusive provider of Black Out Tracers, the groundbreaking Airsoft BBs that is produced in the USA by BlueMag Staff.


While we are offering these to the public, we do expect a bit of grace. This has taken us years to perfect and these BBs are still being refined. We do not appreciate aggressive emails and bad reviews for a product that is still in developement. What we need is FEEDBACK. Send us an email with your thoughts to

DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, Your order may take up to one week to ship. Please plan accordingly.


This product has been known to jam in certain magazines. If your magazine is NOT CLEAN these will have a hard time feeding. For best results, mix these with bio white bbs at a 50/50 ratio. We suggest using the Ares A-Mag or PTS EPM1 Magazines.

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Type: Bio Pure

Color: Black, Infrared

Qty: 3000/1000ct

Size: 5.95 ± 0.01mm

Material: Biodegradable, Proprietary

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