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Season V

BlueMag Airsoft Advanced Balaclava Teeth Guard (BTG)

Lifetime Warranty
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Product Details
UPC: 761371870318

This simple, yet effective 3" x 2" teeth protector inserts into your balaclava to provide continuous protection from incoming rounds. Hand made in the USA and constructed of heavy duty T304 Woven Stainless Steel and Double Woven Nylon Elastic, this is all you need to protect your soft points.

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Hand made in the USA with care. Crafted to perfection for the top tier Airsoft enthusiast.

Easily drop the teeth protector into your balaclava over your mouth. No straps needed.

***Best used with elastic balaclava's***

Composed of T304 Woven Stainless Steel and Nylon Elastic Webbing for optimal comfort and protection.

Specification Sheet

Model Dimensions Position
BMA BTG 3" x 2" Facial, in front of the mouth

Warranty Information

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Pictures of damaged/defective products are required

Compatible Add on Items

  • Bear Customs Elastic Balaclava Made in the USA

***Additional Items in pictures not included***

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