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Chest Rigs vs Plate carriers

Kit's and or Loadout's

In the world of airsoft and larperating you will find all types of kit's or with a few with none at all and only wearing a adult size unicorn onsie(Don't ask i seen it at a event) with that being said let's begin.

Let's start with Plate Carrier's, and the functionality within the airsoft community, One tigris is the main one that i can think of right off the top of my head, using there equipment myself i may be a little biast

but when it comes to duribilty and comfort I haven't found anything to surpass it, but I would venture to say that there is other option's to be had.When choosing your plate carrier it's important to know what type of milsim event you will be

attending, will you need alot of gear or will it be a bit on the lighter side depending on how the rule set's are. for a three day event where you have to have everything you need(i.e. batteries,bbs,water,snacks etc) i would suggest a full

plate carrier with the appropriete amount of pouches in order to carry what you need. A few pouches that are a must are mag pouches as some plate carriers don't come with them, three are needed at a minimum,Pistol mag pouches 2 at a minimum

a radio pouch, theres nothing more aggravating than trying to communicate with your team and having to fumble around in your pocket's to retrieve your radio to communicate,a mag dump pouch to put your mags in as to prevent you from grabbing a empty

mag during a heavy airsoft firefight(been there done that)the list isn't all inclusive as to what you may or may not need,in the end you have to decide what's comfortable to you the player while still following the rule set for the milsim event

that your attending.Moving on to the next topic chest rig's.(see links below)

Chest Rigs

Very minimalestic, meaning your not going out to the field for a long period of time but just long enough to sling some bbs at your buddies and then be home in time for mom's spaghetti.Using this set up has many advantages to the plate carrier

set up that some airsofter's use.Let's take a closer look at the advantages, light weight in comparison to the plate carrier,with just carrying the most needed item's it makes it easier to manuever through the obstacals you may encounter

during the airsoft game that your currently taking part in.There are varios version's of chest rigs on the market but the one i used was made by condor, now this configuration doesn't work well with my style of game play so you may need to

consider this before making that purchase(See link Below)

Battle Belt's

With everything that is on the market i haven't seen very many airsoft player's use this set up, it's kinda the red headed step child to the airsoft world in comparison to say the plate carrier or chest rig, having used this the battle belt

set up for running my sniper loadout it works perfectly. When using this set up it allow's for more manuverability than the chest rig.You can run it with or without the shoulder straps. I found that the battle belt set up has made it more comfortable

to stay out on the field longer while light weight and carrying everything you need to play,relying heavily on where it is placed on the body really makes it more comfortable to use as the weight of your gear is placed on your hips and not resting

solely on your shoulder's and back. So if you want light weight option's then the battle belt is for you.(See Link Below) for more information

If I had to rate the practicallity and usage of all three set-up's it would be the battle belt first and formost since i run sniper for most of my gameplay,Second would have to be the plate carrier due to when i like to switch it up a

little and carry my Krytac m4 airsoft replica then that's my go to, chest rig's fall into the number three spot just simply because i don't use them.So with that being said lets look at some pro's and con's of each ill give one pro and one con and you judge for yourself the better


Plate Carrier

Pro- Able to carry all equipment needed for a milsim event, and they will keep you semi warm in the winter month's

Con-Bulky and hot as heck in the summer time(but you still have all the equipment you need)

Chest Rig's

Pro- light in comparrison to plate carrier's

Con- not every chest rig fit's, not every airsoft replica has mag pouches for the rig unless you spend more money to have specialized pouches.

We will end this one right hear and just say that in the end you the airsoft player needs to figure out which is best for you

to use during your gameplay. Go to the link's below to check out several different brands of each topic that was discussed hear, and as alway's choose Blue Mag Airsoft for all your bb need's and with the excellent customer service

that you have access with them is unmatched since your not talking to a machine and or a pre recorded message and as alway's shipping is free and there is built in discount's when ordering, also if you would like

to sell there bbs at your field/s click on the vendor tab and fill out the the form once they check it and it's good then your good.

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