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Hpa vs Aeg

Advantages and disadvantages to AEG and HPA

We will start off by saying that the replica doesn't win the battle but the player does the replica is the tool at hand

that helps any player to achieve the goal of the team.

Let's start off with the pro's and con's of the AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) It would also be fair to mention that there are a few model's of

AEP's(Automatic Electric Pistol's) but that's another topic for another time.

Over the year's I have met a bunch of folk's that have been let's say very opinionated on this topic hpa is to bulky or AEG's just don't have the performance,in the end the main thing is to stay safe and have fun. So let's begin.

AEG Pro's- great for the beginner Airsofter

    Aftermarket parts are available for most

    Can be bought as starter kit's

    Great for rental equipment at field's

AEG Con's- some are limited to what you can upgrade

    some limited functionality( i.e. not all mag's fit all AEG's or hpa setup's)

    Cold weather hurts the functionality due to battery drainage being increased.

    Most but not all are made low grade material's (internals' and external's)

So there are four pro's and four con's of the AEG portion of airsoft so let's move on to the HPA portion of the discussion.

HPA (High Pressured Air)there's been heated topics on the use of HPA in airsoft over the year's, first used primarily in the paintball world but has slowly migrated over

into the world of airsoft. Let's discuss the use at field's some field's allow it and a handful do not allow it, for those that allow it certain rules have been put into place such as joule limit's(which allow for joule creep),

and they have come up with a locking system to lock the regulator's in place as to not allow person's to adjust the pressure after being chronographed (checkingthe fps and joule limit of a rifle) It would also be beneficial to mention that

some field's have come up with different joule limit's in regards to your specific replica platform (i.e. sniper rifles to SMG's and so forth)let's dig into the pro's and con's of HPA.

HPA Pro's-functionality in the cold weather( mechanical type)

          Little to no noise while firing the system

          numerous engines available on the market( see link's below)

          Upgradability to aftermarket part's

HPA Con's-Broken or non functioning regulator

          Creased or dry rotted hoses

   Bulky bottles(there are smaller ones)

          Lengthy time to repair or even able to continue to play.

So there you have it, there are so many variables out there on the market that in the end it really boil's down to the choice of the individual and weather or not they want to pay out the extra cost

of there purchase. There are however many options out there to purchase pre upgraded AEG's or HPA set-up's. But the one main thing to remember and I cannot stress this enough, is to use high quality bb's in either set up. You can pick up perfect ammo right here on BlueMag's website

to help maintain the functionality of either system.

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