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Season V

BMA Premium 6mm Ember Tracers

BlueMag Exclusive
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UPC: 850044439331
Crafted for the adept of stealth, the nocturnal masters. Tailor-made for those who seek to withhold their positions from being revealed, yet desire the ability to aim with precision without divulging an excessive signature.

BlueMag Airsoft stands as the pioneer and exclusive provider of Ember Tracers, the groundbreaking Airsoft BBs that effectively suppress tracer brightness. Sporting a yellow hue, these tracers strike the perfect balance, remaining visible to the shooter behind the rifle, yet eluding the prying eyes of the enemy.

Ember tracers are designed to have a reduced light signature, making them ideal for those without night vision devices.

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Type: Bio Pure/Pre-Mix

Color: White/Green or White/Red

Qty: 3000 ct (2200 Standard, 600 Tracer)

Size: 5.95 ± 0.01mm

Material: Biodegradable PLA

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